"The Age of Heroes has begun!"

The year is 732AI (After Ivadria). The people left behind by the Ivadrian Empire converged upon the shores of their continents.  Over these 700 years, these settlements have turned into thriving capitol cities, trade empires, and the major components of Modern Society.


Westport, ruled by trade and commerce, is speckled with houses vying for power amongst the city streets.  Their wealth has bled into the surrounding lands and Fiefdoms have begun to emerge to accommodate the overpopulated city and its inhabitants.


Satem-Siri lays to the south. Ruled by Scholars and warriors and revering the old and wise, they seek knowledge of the past to bring them to the future.  Nomads traverse the arid climate and meet in the city to hawk wares they found buried in the sands, to bring news of the southern continent, and exchange tales with the sea-farring people come to trade.


Donggang rests in the east, a strange and mystical city settled on a stranger continent.  Built on the ruins of an ancient Ivadrian City, it is ruled by The Emperor, his will carried out by his disciples throughout his city as he rules from within an ancient Ivadrian construct at it's center. An ancient cataclysm, long forgotten, allowed the Underdark to bleed into the world topside.  Giant mushrooms, drow, and tieflings are a common sight in the city and the surrounding lands.


You are from the surrounding areas of one of these major cities. For the past few hundred years these cities have banded together in trade and commerce to ensure that your broken world would live on.  Now, thanks to the exploits of the Bluefield Company and the growing city populations, society look towards the hinterlands of the continent. What mystery, adventure, and riches await none can know, but many will go to discover. You are among these adventurers and fortune seekers.


Your adventure awaits!

Legends of Gaia - Age of Heroes

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