Frynn of Bluefield

A human male about 5'8" and 145lbs with brown hair


In his prime, Frynn was a fit man of about140lbs. His hair was kept a medium length and brown in color with the sideburns braided and hanging down below his shoulders.
When adventuring he wore a chainmail shirt with a tabard emblazoned with his deity upon its front and back. White, gold, and purple.


He grew up with only his mother as a farmer, working the land and viewing the plight of the common people. He was interested in art, song, music, and medicine, and that took him, in his free time, to the library to study and learn. Frynn discovered (his deity) and began prayer, dedicating his works in all things to her. Eventually, his prayers were answered.

Frynn started to display ability beyond his common knowledge of healing, but true divine insight and restorative abilities. In his late teens he’d make his rounds amongst the villages of his area healing those that needed it and teaching the arts to those who’d learn from him.

His mother’s passing was a severe blow to him, but was also the catalyst that had him discover his half-Brother Andur, a half-elven ranger. The unifying factors and originators of the Bluefield Company, Andur and Frynn were inseperable from those days forward.

Frynn, now at a very venerable age, is not long for this world. Word is Andur seeks to extend his borther’s life through old magic.

Frynn of Bluefield

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