Character Creation

Stealing from the "Board Game" Fiasco, I've drawn up a table for character creation that will ensure all players will have some connections to the others around them. Also, to add depth to character creation and ensure that people both get to play and not play their favorite characters, we do the "Roll-Down" ability modifiers.

Roll-Down Ability Scores:

All players and the dungeon master have character sheets.  Taking four six sided die (4d6). Add the highest 3 numbers together and write the total into the top ability mod section. Pass the sheet to the player to your left. Continue down until all sheets have ability scores completed. The dungeon master's sheet is used as a mulligan if the PCs want an extra option or if one sheet is unplayable. (Use your own judgement on what constitutes a re-rolled sheet)

Character Relationships:

Players position themselves around the table and roll a pool of dice corresponding to the table below. In our case, 8 sided dice.


1. Siblings

2. Distant Cousins

3. Family Friends

4. Cousins equally likely to inherit (Land/Items/Riches)

5. Families are inseparable

6. Black sheep of the family / Member in good Standing

7. Members of same adopted family

8. Ward/Protector

1. Friendly Rivals

2. Childhood Friends

3. Friend of a Friend

4. Former co-workers

5. Drinking Buddies

6. Mentor / Student of one trait or another

7. Former students of mutually beloved teacher

8. Former friends who fell out


1. Longtime adventuring companions

2. Reluctant Allies

3. Bound together by a sacred oath

4. Relatives adventured together

5. Traveled between towns together often

6. One is the brains, one is the brawn

7. Soldiers of Fortune

8. Common Purpose / Enemy

1. The only survivors

2. The only two who know the secret

3. Members of a secret cult

4. Witnesses to an assassination

5. Each carries half of a treasure map

6. You keep him close because he knows your secret

7. Murderer/Accomplice

8. Secret Identity / Knows True Identity


1. Brothers in arms

2. Mercenary / Employer

3. Fought in the militia together

4. Served opposite sides in the last war

5. A blood debt still needs to be repaid

6. Refugee / Helping Hand

7. Diplomats of opposing forces

8. Homelands Ravaged by War (Ravager/Ravaged)

1. Both carry a curse

2. Studied Together

3. Blessed by the same church

4. Servants of the same supernatural power

5. One dreamed that the other would save their life… (long before they met?)

6. Linked together by a dark ritual

7. Linked – Born same hour, same day, same year

8. Opened portal to (random) plane of existence and marked by plane


1. Thieves Guild Affiliations (Thief/Fence/Enforcer/Leader)

2. Merchant/Artisan Guild Affiliations

3. Bards Guild Affiliations

4. Wizards Guild Affiliations

5. Deity Affiliations

6. Caravaneer

7. Bounty Hunters

8. Slave / Slaver (Former/Current)

1. Current Spouses

2. In love with the same person

3. Former Spouses

4. Forbidden Love Affair (Montague/Capulet)

5. Inlaws

6. Ancestors were subject of famous literature of lovers

7. Lovers

8. Arranged Marriage

Taking turns, players distribute 1 die from the rolled d8 die pool to a specified "Couple" at the table, building a relationship that corresponds to the die distributed.

i.e. Choosing an 8 on a couple with no dice yet would place their relationship in the "Romance" category. If given a 4 after the 8, they would then be under "Romance" and "Forbidden Love Affair"

Each player will have a relationship with the people next to them, but will not necessarily know the persons they are not sitting next to.

The couple's relationship, after the dice have been distributed, should be interpreted and determined by the players involved.

The idea behind this character creation process is that players are not stuck playing the same characters and classes they always play, and that the relationships between characters are pre-established. A compelling story outline is then already established within the group, and the dynamic can then organically grow from the seeds planted during their creation. The roll-down character creation bit just adds that all the PCs characters are intertwined, and that people will, hopefully, care about the other PCs and their story as much as they care about their own.

Playable Races:

Human - Halfling - Elf - Dwarf – Half-Elf – Half-Orc – Tiefling – Gnome

Playable Classes:

All classes within the PhB are available for players

Character Creation

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