The many of the dwarves of Gaia fared quite well since the fall of Ivadria. Many of their cities, far from the Ivadrian Capitol cities, excluded outsiders from building within their walls.  While they did adopt much of the Ivadrian culture from the time period, it was mostly out of necessity as the lingua franca of commerce was Ivadrian. Thus, when the Pillars of light shot out of the capitol cities, taking vanishing the lives it touched, many of the dwarven strongholds remained intact.

With the three major capitol cities of the new world came commerce, and this commerce brought many of the dwarves from their strongholds to trade and scout. Although many have returned to their homes, many more have stayed within the cities, developing communities of like minded dwarves, strong family ties, or outcasts from their former homes.  Dwarves are amongst the most common races in all of Gaia.

Westport Dwarves favored their mountain strongholds. After the initial fall, many cities closed their gates to outsiders. Now they have opened those doors for trade, but their close knit ties with family and clan has left them weary of outsiders. They are hard to befriend, but can be strong and loyal allies if you prove yourself.

SatemSiri Dwarves were not originally from the arid climate, but over the years adapted to the way of life. Now often seen traveling with the nomad caravans through the desert, they are revered as holy men and wise leaders, their knowledge accumulated over the dwarves long life. They are also quite resilient, having become accustomed to the desert climate.

Donggang Dwarves are dark skinned, similar to the dark elves of the continent, and a derivative of the Deurgar and Land Dwarf bearing children. They are unpredictable in their wants and desires, deriving from "evil" roots from the underdark but speckled with the loyalty and resilience of their sun dwelling dwarven brethren. They retain some innate abilities from their Deurgar ancestors and have been favored as spies and scouts over the years because of this.


  • Ability Scores. Constitution increased by +2
  • Age. Reach adulthood at age 50 and live to about 350 years
  • Alignment. Westport and SatemSirian lean towards lawful natures, while Donggang favor chaotic natures
  • Size. Between 4-5 feet tall and 150lbs. They are a medium category
  • Speed. Base speed is 25ft
  • Darkvision. You can see 60ft in dim light and in darkness as if it were dim light
  • Dwarven Resilience. Advantage on saves against poison. Resistance against poison damage
  • Dwarven Combat Training. Proficient with Battleaxe, handaxe, throwing hammer, warhammer


  • Ability Score. Strength increased by +2
  • Dwarven Armor Training. Proficient with light and medium armor


  • Ability Score. Wisdom Increased by +1
  • Dwarven Toughness. Hit Point max increased by 1 for each level you have.


  • Ability Score. Dexterity Increased by +1
  • Superior Darkvision. Your darkvision is 120ft
  • Sunlight Sensitivity. Disadvantage on attack and Perception checks relying on sight when you or target are in full sunlight.
  • Deurgar Lineage. At level 5, once per day, you may cast Invisibility on yourself. Use charisma as your spellcasting level for this.


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