Tag: Races


  • Humans

    Standard to most fantasy, humans are amongst the most commonplace race on all the continents. Versatile, ambitious, and far spread, they make up much of the populations of the three major cities.

    Their culture will be influenced by the city …

  • Elves

    Elves can be found in all cities, but they are native to only the cities of Westport and Donggang.  They vary in size, shape, and skin tone, depending on their lineage, and are often fiercely loyal to their brothers and sisters they grew up with.& …

  • Halfling

    Halflings are most commonly found in SatemSiri's trader caravans as well as Westport's surrounding areas.

    Halflings from SatemSiri are most commonly nomads. Belonging to major caravans that make their rounds through the desert lands …