Elves can be found in all cities, but they are native to only the cities of Westport and Donggang.  They vary in size, shape, and skin tone, depending on their lineage, and are often fiercely loyal to their brothers and sisters they grew up with.  They are long lived, and are revered as scholars since they've been present for most of the aftermath of the Ivadrian Rapture.  Some of the most venerable elves can even share first hand knowledge of the Ivadrian Empire's final years, but it is only speculation about what actually happened during that time.

High Elves - The most common elven race in Westport, and certainly the most pompous. Many High Elven Clans have ruled segments of Westport since it began to grow after the fall of Ivadria. They hold tradition, wealth, knowledge, and families ties to be highest of all things. Long lived, the high elves keep their ties strong with a certain ammount of Xenophobia. They often have a tendency for racial bias when dealing with other races.

Wood Elves - Forrest children living on the outskirts of Westport, Wood Elves have leaned more towards their roots than all other races.  Most have completely forgone the Ivadrian culture and language, speaking only in their native Elven tongue. They worship the elements of Gaia, as well as Gaia herself, and many other god's who represent the world around them.  While they favor these wholesome things, they also understand survival and send emissaries to Westport and the surrounding towns, for trade, for knowledge, and to see the world as it is. Many Woodelf children venture into the populated world as a coming of age, or a walkabout. While most find their way home to their tribes, many stay traveling, seeing the sights Gaia has for them.

Dark Elves - An ancient force ripped a hole into the continent to the east allowing the Under dark to pour forth into the world above.  With strong ties to their under dark and new ventures to be had, the Drow made their way to the surface and to Donggang. Their society is mixed among the many other in Donggang, and they favor magic, deception, and stealth as a whole. Still, there are those whose hearts are pure, and they often find no place for themselves amongst those are home.  They will then seek it abroad, finding the life of an adventurer more suitable.


Ability Score. +2 to Dexterity

Age. Elves mature at age 100 and can live to be 750 years old

Alignment. Depending on their race, elves vary in their tendencies. Woodelves favor a Chaotic neutral, while High Elves favor law and order. Dark elves lean towards a more chaotic evil. These are not set in stone, however.

Size. Elves are Medium size creatures.

Speed. Base speed is 30ft

Dark Vision. Elves see in dim light up to 60ft, and in the dark as though it were dim light

Keen Senses. Proficiency in "Perception" Skill

Fey Ancestry. You have adv. on saves against ebing Charmed. You cannot be put to sleep.

Trance. You do not sleep. You meditate for 4 hours, gaining benefits a human would from 8 hours of rest.

Languages. You speak, read, and write Ivadrian and Elvish.

High Elves

  • Ability Scores. +1 to Intelegence
  • Elf Weapon Training. Proficiency with Long Sword and Bow, and Short Sword and Bow
  • Cantrip. You know 1 cantrip from the Wizards spell list. Int. is you spellcasting ability
  • Extra Language. You speak, read, and write one aditional language

Wood Elves

  • Ability Scores. Wisdom increased by +1
  • Elf Weapon Training. Proficiency with Long Sword and Bow, and Short Sword and Bow
  • Fleet of Foot. Your base speed in 35ft
  • Mask of the Wild.  You may attempt to hide even if you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, snow, and other natural phenomena.

Dark Elves

  • Ability Score. Charisma increased by +1
  • Superior Darkvision. Darkvision has a radius of 120ft
  • Sunlight Sensativity. You have disadvantage on attacks and Perception rolls if you or your target(s) are within direct sunlight
  • Drow Magic. You know the "Dancing Lights" cantrip. At 3rd level you learn "Faerie Fire". At 5th level you learn "Darkness". Charisma is your spellcasting skill. You may cast each non-cantrip spell once per day.
  • Drow Weapon Proficiency. You are proficient with Short Swords, Rapiers, and Hand Crossbows


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