Halflings are most commonly found in SatemSiri's trader caravans as well as Westport's surrounding areas.

Halflings from SatemSiri are most commonly nomads. Belonging to major caravans that make their rounds through the desert lands to the south of SatemSiri. They have become a very common sight amongst the mixed caravans that travel, and can also be found in close knit halfing caravans devoid of outsider influence. The halflings of SatemSiri are most often referred to as a gyspy people, and their language is more that of jargon, the words within you would both recognize and be completely lost as to their usage.

Halflings from Westport can often be found living in close knit communities within the city and its surrounding areas. They prefer the comforts of their society, and can often be found amongst the traders and well to do businessmen and landowners in the area.


Ability Scores. Dexterity increased by +2

Age. Reach adulthood at 20 and lives  into the middle of his second century

Alignment. Sirilings favor True Neutrality while Westlings favor a lawful nature.

Size. Averaging about 3ft and about 40lbs. Small is your size class

Speed. Base speeed of 25ft

Lucky. When you roll a 1 on a save, attack, or ability, you may reroll the number and must use second number.

Brave. Advantage on saves against being frightened

Halfling Nimbleness. Move through a space of any creature a size larger than yours.

Languages. You speak, read, and write Ivadrian and Halfling(Siriling or Westling)


Ability Score. Constitution increased by +1

Stout Resilience. Advantage on saves against poison, resist poison damage


Ability Score. Charisma increased by +1

Naturally Stealthy. You can attempt to hide even if you are only obscured by a creature one size larger than you




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